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This is perfect

Oh my GOD

for some reason, I don’t think arnold would have grown out of his football head.

There was a black guy in hey Arnold and recess. It looks like they just used a tanned ass white boy for both characters. No fucking thank you.

Get the fuck out this race shit. Damn, couldn’t just enjoy a picture of old shows we used to watch?

^ That part .

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Kate elected to repeat the beautiful lace Alexander McQueen dress she first wore for The Queen’s Jubilee Service in 2012. The knee length sheath showcased lace atop a white base and it features long sleeves, a boat neck and satin ribbon at the waist (today Kate wore it without the ribbon). It’s a bespoke piece, not bearing any major similarities to anything the brand has produced in recent years. One expects it was a garment created in collaboration between Kate and Sarah Burton.

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